Monday, June 29, 2009

Organic Bug Killer

I have been trying to grow a Stevia plant. Its in a little pot, and doing ....mmmm ok. It shot up to about two feet very quickly. I did some massive pruning to get it to bush out. Its starting to sprout on the sides. (Thats what those ugly black line are showing) Now I have a pest. The Egg Lady told me they are called Leaf Hoppers. Little light green, grass hopper looking things, about inch long. I have been manualy killing them, the pinch and squeeze method. Very effective at killing them, but others follow. They also like to have a snack on my smudge sticks and other dried goodies I have in the store. I can't put anything on the dried items in store because...I dont want to contaminate them. But the Stevia plant is up for experimentation. I found some "Organic" bug killer. Made with Thyme Oil, Clove Oil, Seasame Oil, Water, Soybean Oil, Wintergreen Oil and Lecithin. Brand name is Green Light, Home and Garden Spray. With these ingredients it sounds like a "cool pick-me-up" oil blend that I could use for a massage. Have to see if it gives the stevia a spicy-bite taste. So new bugs.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

An artical about us

Check out our review by "The Flossip", this was posted yesterday in her blog.

Harvest Moon Soapworks in Florence, SC

So much going on

This is just outside my store window. What a beautiful Hibiscus.
Been working on the website. Installed a brand new website format, got most of it working. They come out with an update. That's installed now. Had to get a new template because of system changes. That's looking better, but there are still some layout issues. All and all its working out. I have had the "Webmaster" hat on way more than the "Soapmaker" hat. Need to get back to that. One very big issue with the soaps is the humidity. In my old store it was easy to control. This new location....dealing with 62%, not good for the soap curing process. Many soaps are not firming up. Will be building a drying room soon. That was in original plans, but it was axed.
The summer soaps are back in stock - Magnolia, Mom's Gardenias, Carolina Peach are ready. Honeysuckle is taking its time. Its a wee bit soft yet. Lavender, Coffee, Mocha, lemongrass, Oatmeal and everything else I am about and out of is slow drying.
The Pomegranate will be ripe soon. This one is decadent.