Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Be warned...this is a Rant

Back in June I found that my store website had been hacked. Didn't put anything in to steal credit card info or monitor emails. Just a bunch of annoying pop-ups and links to sex sites. Well to be on the safe side, I decided to start fresh. I Started with a new up to date OS (operating system) for the site. CRE Loaded, a great premium OS. Great shopping cart and easy one page check-out. Updated my template to the new OS. And finally after multiple and multiple testings, trying this and that. Tweaking everything I could find to tweak. Then... tweaking stuff I didn't need to tweak and testing some more. Tweaking and testing, testing and tweaking. You get the point. I loaded it with products. Pat was a happy man. It went LIVE this past week. Two and a half months of work. I was tickled.
Sunday I am at home sick, trying to enjoy some soup I couldn't taste and I get a message from a fellow twitter er that my index page (front page on site) was hijacked. Some yahoo that is unhappy with our government and President posted a picture of the Iranian president on my front page with a caption. WTF is that! What the hell is going on! I get hacked, then hijack my page. I must be on a list to mess with or something. The site is clean again, thanks to backups. New security measures are in place. This makes me want to exercise some of the skills I learned 20 years ago when I was in the military. With extreme discretion. But I digress. Looking on the web, I see lots of people and businesses are having there sites hit. All I can hope for is to be left alone. hhhmmmm I feel better now.