Tuesday, May 13, 2008

fixing my bathroom

You figure out what you are going to do... then it all goes to sh&#t!
I spent all day yesterday fixing my bathroom. The medicine cabinet broke, so took out the old one and replaced it with one that went right in. No extra work, put it in the hole and screwed it in. Amazing! Next was installing some extra plug-ins. Ok I am not an electrician, but can do some simple fixes. After making 3 extra holes I didn't need in the wall. The plugs were in. Next comes running the wire to the box. That's still to be done. but the plugs look good. Nice and neat, but still not working yet. It took me 10 hours for all that and 5 trips to Lowe's. After, I helped the kids plant some vegetables they stated in the yard. Hermes had to waller all over them. He does that. Wallers on stinky stuff, wallers in the dirt, wallers just to waller. I hope they live. Found a rogue Tomato plant growing in the herb patch, a nice size.
Made some body butter and coffee soap today in the shop.
Never have enough time do-ya,
to get it all done.
Start early again tomorrow.

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bitchymama37 said...

yeah fixin bathrooms.....no fun, at least you didn't have 2 replace a shower stall...........what does it mean to waller?