Monday, May 19, 2008

Well I finished my bathroom project, got the wiring finished. All works fine.
Christina now has modern electricity setup in bath. She is happy.
Getting ready for the Iris Festival this weekend. Should be a good show.
Made a new soap Saturday that totally trashed. First time that has happened in a very long time.
It turned out to be a very big caustic mess. Solid but, yuck. Always fun trying something new. Never quite sure how it will turn out. Tried the new "swirling technique" I learned from Lori Nova. A very nice girl. She is a Pro at swirling soap. Well it turned out pretty good. Will be adding it to the collection soon. Have lots of new things to work on; new fragrances and blends, techniques and products.
I miss the creative part of soapmaking. Do not get enough time to do "Play" I am starting to make time to play. Only way new things can come to life. Pull them out of the cracks in my brain - See if they are something nice or something you "poke with a pointed stick" see if it bites.

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