Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I guess it is a southern expression for "wallowing". To roll around oneself in a lazy way. Kids wallowing in the yard, pigs wallow in mud, dogs waller in grass ( on there back - feet in the air wiggling around). things like that. My mother would tell me to quit wallering in bed and get up.
Another use would be "quit wallering in self pity" I learned proper speech and grammar from my Mother and Sister growing up. Spelling is another matter. But some of the southern expressions just don't have the same "feel" if spoken correctly or incorrectly. I find myself using more of them as I get older.
So far this morning I have labeled jars, packaged mud, packaged soap, cleaned up and had some juice. Off to Myrtle Beach today to sell some soap & herbs. Bike Week is on, so traffic should be fun. later.

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