Saturday, September 13, 2008

Time to be heard!!

If you make cosmetics or you buy cosmetic from a small business you should speak out. Cosmetics by the FDA are lotions, creams, anything basically used on your skin that are not drugs. This gets very complicated in the definitions. But the basics are....If you use something on your skin. With the new bill that is in the works, it will hurt everyone. Almost all the small business owners that make cosmetics will be put out of business. Its all the people you see at markets selling lotions and bath products and talking about how good theirs are for your skin. and local business that make things in there homes for you an your family. The wonderful products you buy at your local Health Food store that are good for your skin care. The only businesses that will survive this are the ones that are regular commercial set-ups. That is after very costly changes and fees to there business. Because of this, it would probably stop our production of cosmetic products. Even though they are VERY SAFE, some are all natural and are manufactured under "Good Manufacturing Practices" There are many groups helping to fight this. Below are links to information. This link is a survey for your voice to be heard. It is from Debbie May.

Globalization Act 2008

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