Saturday, September 6, 2008

When good soap goes bad

This slab look unique, a dark vanilla with a white icing? But something was not quite right. It just didn't look "right".
It had set there for a day in its mold, warm and insulated. Nice and safe. After taking it out....looked, well OK. But did not "feel" just right. So I cut 'em into logs. That's when I found out... It all started with making some Vanilla soap. Vanilla is a wee bit tricky. It sets up quick. Gets thick fast. Not time to doddle. Mix it to trace and get it in the mold. Well at the very end I decided to get creative. HHmmm maybe I will add a swirl. So I poured out some soap, added some white...mixed it well... then poured my vanilla in the mold. (which I did not mix well enough) Started to add the white and was not happy with the color. So I add some more... eating up valuable time... poured the white on and tried to swirl. Well the vanilla had changed to a concrete paste. I tried to fight it. Well you CAN NOT fight soap. It will do as it will. Just like a cat. Now I have this ....vanilla leaking, cratered up soap. Not an attractive site. But it looks pretty cool.


Anne-Marie said...

I think that this soap turned out looking pretty cool - even though it sounds like it might have been more stressful than you wanted it to be =)

Pat Showalter said...

It brought to life a new style for an old favorite.