Tuesday, September 16, 2008

When good soap goes bad - Update

After the last Vanilla Soap, I got some ideas. I liked the white topping. So I kept that and cut some of the last batch into chunks and dropped them on after it set-up for a little. They will get darker. Vanilla Soap is a light color when fresh but darkens during curing. You can see how the edges are already darker than the center. That looks wild. I like vanilla, it is a warm and relaxing scent. It's a strange one in the store. I'll sell a bunch over a week, then it will set there in it's bin for a couple weeks. Then it starts out the door again. Beside it are some logs of Cucumber Melon made the same day. The Cucumber Melon has some Oatmeal Soap slivers in it that adds a nice texture. A little scrubby on the skin, but not abrasive.
Everything comes around in the end. ;)

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